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Plastic Injection Moulding and Compression Moulding Services

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Plastic injection moulding and compression moulding provides a cost effective solution for the accurate manufacture of large volumes of components and/or products. / At LGG Charlesworth we provide our clients with a total moulding solution, from initial design concept to product delivery - all products are manufactured in house by our expert team of engineers advanced in the plastic injection moulding process. / Clients benefit from early involvement in a project, allowing us to offer full support in each step of production - helping to achieve objectives , maintain quality, meet deadlines and control bugets. / Extensive experience of production management such as JIT, ERP, Kanban means we can work to the exact specification required./ For further information about our Total Moulding Solution please read about our services or contact us directly on 01684 892892.

Our Total Moulding Solution encompasses the following areas:

Design, Development & Prototyping

At LGG Charlesworth Ltd. we can accept your initial concepts in a wide range of formats from rough paper drawings to 2D or 3D CAD models...


Tooling Design & Manufacture

Once your design is approved our in house facility allows us to produce cost effective tooling...


Injection Moulding / Compression Moulding

Many of our mouldings have been utilised in life critical environments so accuracy, high tolerance and zero defects are essential...


Assembly / Post Moulding Finishing & Testing

As part of our Total Moulding Solution, we can also provide assembly and post moulding finishing allowing you to have components delivered direct to your production line...