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Markets and Applications: Injection and Compression Moulding

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LGG Charlesworth boasts over 80 years experience in a diverse range of market sectors including aerospace, automotive, medical and electronics. / We recognise that there are certain requirements specific to individual industries and use our knowlegde, experience and expertise to ensure we provide effective plastic moulding solutions no matter what sector you are in. / Please read about the different market sectors we serve to understand the benefits of injection moulding and compression moulding for industry.

Our knowledge and experience in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical and electronics means you will get invaluable expertise in plastics technology no matter what field you are in.

General Technical

We support all clients from initial design concepts and can quickly develop a wide range of complex components and products in high volumes, using plastic injection moulding and compression moulding processes.



The Aerospace industry, brings a series of demands which have been built into the standard operations within LGG Charlesworth. These include full material traceability, First Article Inspection Reports, foreign object control and 100% inspection routines on flight critical components.

One of the key development areas for the Aerospace sector has been in replacing metal components with weight saving plastic moulded components. LGG Charlesworth has built a catalogue of achievements in delivering new product designs or 'aerospace mouldings' using the plastic injection moulding and compression moulding process.



With over 20 years experience supplying components to the automotive industry, LGG Charlesworth Ltd have adapted continuously to the constant pressure of this exciting market. The company has embraced the industry ethos of continuous improvement and has delivered consistent price reductions, introduced daily line side Kanban deliveries resulting in a 100% on time delivery performance for the past 2 years, and achieved a quality performance of zero PPM on over 16Million parts delivered to one automotive customer in the last 24 months!

LGG Charlesworth manufactures all automotive mouldings in house using plastic injection moulding, compression moulding and transfer moulding. We facilitate the entire production process in house, from initial design concept to product delivery.



The medical sector requires all plastic moulded components and/or products to be manufactured to a high quality at all times. What's more, the requirements frequently go beyond the automotive and aerospace industry in terms of the end product performance. / LGG Charlesworth has both the expertise and the experience to ensure we achieve a consistent quality of product solutions at all times using the plastic injection moulding and compression moulding process.



PLGG Charleswortth boasts over 90 years experience in working within the electronics industry. Frequent requirements include precision components, product interfacing, insert overmoulding, complex ploymers and visual aesthetics. / Our team of expert engineers and injection moulders work with all clients from initial design concept to ensure top results from the outset.