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Aluminium Tooling

An efficient way of manufacturing tooling by directly machining into aluminium material. Usually used for small quantity mould tools or prototype mould tool.


Computer Aided Design: The use of computers to detail drawings for accurate representations. Also used for producing 3 dimensional models which can be scaled, rotated and sectioned to show any views required.


Computer Aided Manufacture: The use of computers to simulate and calculate cutter paths when producing programs for CNC machines.

Compression Moulding

Moulding process using heat and pressure to form mouldings using thermoseting plastics materials.


Thermoplastic elastomers are materials that have highly flexible rubber like attributes.


Electronic Requirement Planning

Injection Moulding

Moulding process using predominantly thermoplastics materials, although thermoset and thermoplastic elastomer mouldings can also be produced by this method.

Inserts and Outserts

The use of inserts of another material being placed directly into the mould tool and the plastic material either moulded over the insert, or inside the insert. Also these materials can be introduced into the component after moulding.

Integrated 3D CAM

The integration of design and manufacturing computer software.


'Just In Time': A philosophy for efficient materials buying, i.e. only purchasing and receiving materials when required, therefore reducing stock holding.


The method of controlling manufacturing requirements by using stock levels as a mechanism to trigger production requirements, therefore reducing stock levels and highlighting manufacturing process problems which would normally by unseen with large stock levels.


Liquid Crystal Polymer


The use of computer software to help predict moulding fill patterns, stress areas and other possible moulding problems before manufacturing tooling.


The use of computer software which aids manufacturing resource planning, allowing more efficient utilisation of machine times, stock control, bills of materials and other assorted activities used in manufacturing.


Poly Ether Ether Ketone


Poly Ether Sulphone


The addition of metallic material to surfaces of mouldings for reasons such as aesthetical, EMC shielding, etc.

Rapid Prototyping

Manufacture of components using a fast reliable modelling process, such as Stereo Lithography - SLA, Selective Laser Sintering - SLS, Fused deposition modelling - FDM, to produce representative models.

Rapid Sintered Tooling

Manufacture of tooling using powered metallurgy processes to mainly form fast prototype tooling, although production tooling can be manufactured with this process.

Selective Laser Sintering

A rapid prototype technique used to manufacture prototypes.

Stereo Lithography

A rapid prototype technique used to manufacture prototypes.

Tampo Printing

A process used to print plastics using a pad to transfer specific printed details, i.e. logos onto components.


Plastics materials used in moulding processes i.e. ABS, PP, PC, PPS, etc.


Plastics materials used in moulding process i.e DAP, Epoxy, Phenoilics, Melamine, etc.


Tooling is the general term used for describing the formers that produce the plastic mouldings. Each plastic moulding is produced from a dedicated tool.

Ultrasonic welding

A technique used for joining plastics, using high frequency vibration to weld items together.