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Welcome to LGG Charlesworth Ltd LGG Charlesworth Ltd.

Injection Moulding, Compression Moulding, Plastic Prototyping, Post Moulding Finishing and more by LGG Charlesworth LTD.

With over 80 years in moulding plastics, LGG Charlesworth Ltd. has the experience to know what you require.

Our Total Moulding Solution will support you from initial concept through to finished product, meaning you will benefit from:

  • Reduced costs through consolidation of suppliers.
  • A continuous improvement programme for both products and service.

Throughout the process, we offer you unrivalled expertise in the following areas:

  • Tooling Design & Manufacture
  • Raw Material Selection Advice
  • Design, Development & Plastic Prototyping
  • Injection Moulding & Compression Moulding
  • Assembly & Post Moulding Finishing
  • Delivery & Storage
  • Ongoing Product and Service Development

Competence & Experience

  • In 1920 Charlesworth established itself as the leading name in the design, development and manufacture of electrical and crystal radio set connectors.
  • In 1926 we helped develop the very first electric miners' lamp, which has been in continuous production to this day. In 1953 we introduced the first solid-state injection machine.

Continual improvement and development has led to more recent accomplishments including:

  • First in industry with BS EN ISO 9002
  • Set up industry working parties for NVQ
  • First in industry with Investor in People
  • Industry award Aerospace sector
  • DTI Eureka project for 3-D Circuits
  • Benchmarking to European quality model
  • DTI Improved competitiveness award

Investment News

500 MT Machine now installed and ready to run

Shaun Champion (Commercial Director) commented, over the last 12 months over 0.5m has been invested in plant and equipment aimed at creating more capacity and driving standards even higher. LGGC now have an impressive range of machines from 25mt to 500mt running 24 /5. If you have any parts up to 700grm shot weight which you would like LGGC to quote on, please forward details to shaun.champion@lggc.co.uk